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The Brewers’ Forum at the heart of the Independent Craft Brewers of New Jersey is a common space for members of the New Jersey Brewers Association, the Brewers Guild of New Jersey, and unaffiliated brewers to communicate and collaborate on issues related to our industry.  Ideas such as the petition to oppose the special ruling were born in this forum, and we successfully engaged over 30,000 members of the public to help our industry and assist our efforts to ensure fair regulations for our breweries in New Jersey.

For the Public

The Independent Craft Brewers of NJ web site is setup to keep public visitors and industry supporters informed as our industry grows within our state.  When possible, we ask for the public’s support with calls-to-action such as our petition opposing the Special RulingUnfortunately, our forum is not public as it is for industry peers to discuss, collaborate, and sometimes debate the evolution of our industry and items of interest.

For Brewers, Industry & Trade Partners

When our craft beer industry in New Jersey underwent a split in late 2017 and early 2018, our founders were concerned about the lack of a “common ground” for breweries from either side of this schism to share ideas, debate, and collaborate.  Months later, as regulators began discussing the Special Ruling and it inevitably was released – we used our resources to invite breweries from both associations, the NJBA and BGNJ, to join us in opposing this unnecessary oversight and limitation of our industry.  We don’t always agree, it’s a little chaotic, but we feel our forum provides a new resource for our peers to help develop a better craft market in our state.

It’s an important footnote, however, to recognize that the Independent Craft Brewers of New Jersey is not:

  • We are not an industry trade association, and do not directly represent members in outside venues. We strongly encourage membership in the New Jersey Brewers Association and/or the Brewers Guild of New Jersey (as well as the national Brewers Association) to have a voice and lobby within our legislative and regulatory environment.
  • We are not a political lobby or political action committee.  Although we have devoted part of our public mission to encouraging and supporting efforts to reform New Jersey’s strict regulatory environment for brewers, we are (at our core) a forum and communications venue for ourselves and our peers.
  • We do not host or manage festivals, beer gardens, or similar events.  We trust our partners at the New Jersey Brewers Association and the Brewers Guild of New Jersey to fill this role within our industry, or a member of New Jersey’s wholesale craft beer market.

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Fill out the form below to notify our forum administrators that you would like to join us within the Slack workspace used by the Independent Craft Brewers of New Jersey.  Our administrators may follow up to ensure that we register you correctly, and access is restricted to members of our industry and trade partners for breweries.