‘Ceasefire, not a win’ for breweries…

In the Courier Post, Carly Q. Romalino has shared an excellent piece: ‘Ceasefire, not a win’ for breweries, SJ towns after new regulations suspended.  She talks about the impacts to South Jersey towns and the potential negative effects on more than just the craft breweries that would have been governed by the Special Ruling.

While the announcement seemed to some craft ale fans as a blindside, [Matt] Blake (Community Development Director for Woolwich Township) and microbrewery owners knew something was coming as early as June.

Carly also provides a municipal leader’s perspective on the misinformation and overall tone of the discussion leading into the negotiations over the Special Ruling.

“Instead of learning more about breweries, (the talk) became a lecture on all things breweries can do, like ‘Led Zepplin-sized concerts,”’ Blake told the Courier Post of the June workshop hosted by the New Jersey League of Municipalities.

Editor’s Note: We’ve yet to see any brewery within New Jersey (other than AB Inbev Newark) that can hold concerts of that size or private events such as NJRHA leadership have testified before legislators.  The average brewery can fit 20-30 people with larger breweries able to accomodate 50-75 people.

Beyond the analysis of the shock and surprise to our industry, this article expertly frames the issues of a statewide mandate in a state where “home rule” is one of the most powerful forces for local municipalities.

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