How the Special Ruling hurts Small Businesses beyond Breweries

Over at South Jersey Beer Scene, John Couchoud has put together an excellent feature on How the ABC Special Ruling hurts Local Business (with Rob Silcox of Rob’s Craft Sandwiches Food Truck) has caused collateral damage well beyond the breweries affected by the ruling.

“Food Truck Fridays, anniversary parties, live bands, Oktoberfest, and new releases are the milestone “special events” at breweries that drive our food truck business through the busy Autumn season and into the off-season.” says Rob Silcox.

John shares in his article, “There are many people who have built businesses that New Jersey Breweries support and enable someone to make a living.  Food trucks have become a big part of that equation and they certainly will be one of the groups of people that will suffer hardship because of this ruling.  We have made many friends in this industry, but not all of them brew beer.  I started to think about all of the people that we know and reached out to a few of them to get their take on the ruling and how it impacts them.

From Rob, the owner of Rob’s Craft Sandwiches, “Luckily, we still have a chance. This is a pilot program so let’s move forward and let them know what we think of the experiment. Sign the petition. Reach out to your local legislator and let them know that you want breweries to be a part of your community. Support your local brewery whenever possible. But most of all help to save local, small, family run businesses.”

John Couchoud is not only the Co-Founder, Editor, and Podcast Co-Host of South Jersey Beer Scene, but also a member of the Independent Craft Brewers of New Jersey Forum covering the issues affecting our industry. John also Co-Hosts the What’s On Tap Radio Show with Gary Monterosso and Tara Nurin heard locally on 99.9 FM and streaming from SNJ Today.